Sunday, July 31, 2011


Normally I do not talk politics or anything to do with it but today thanks to our government I am very stressed.  My husband is a government employee so all this bickering and showdown bull crap going on with our government is really causing me a great deal of stress since we are facing having our major source of income gone.  If any one tried to run a business they would have been fired long ago.  There is no simple answer.  Many of the issues that led us here has gone for too many years.  The welfare has needed a a clean sweep for a long time.  If we would help people instead of penalizing them for trying to work they would be handing out a lot less.  How about helping the small business out there?  How about taxing the goods of big companies who have taken our jobs out of this country?  Also I have never once heard them mention cutting their own paychecks, expense accounts, pensions, health care or how about the security of those after they are out of office?  How about cutting foreign aide until we get back on our feet

My heart goes out to all the military who are facing working without a paycheck and to those who faithfully paid into social security in the belief it would be there when they needed it.  I can only ask that all who reads this pray because we are in a very bad way

Someone once told me "What do you expect.  Break the word politics down and see what you have.  Poly means many and Tic equals a blood sucker."  Okay it is a play on words but it made me laugh.

Thank you for allowing me to rant.  I wish I could say I feel better.  I guess knowing that many of you are also praying makes me feel better.

On a lighter note.  My daughter wore one of my Attitude necklaces out and it was a great success.  It caught peoples attention.  I have a special deal that will be running until 5pm today (July 31. 2011).  Go here to see what I am talking about.

I wish you all love and peace today.  Enjoy every happy minute you can for they seem so few and far between these days.  I am unsure of what will happen in the future but I am sure that God is here with me and that is all I really need to know.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Items

Yes it is HOT out but that has not stopped me from thinking about fall creations.  My Fall Collection of items are now available in my on line store.  Please click the link to your right for Harmoniously Tangled's store at Storenvy.  I am excited about these new creations.  It was great fun getting them ready for you.  Here is a quick look at a couple of items you will find.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moving ON

Today is your last chance to play in Creative Kitty Crochet's  and Harmoniously Tangled's Christmas in July.  Thank you to all who played and I hope you enjoyed the gifts.  We appreciate everyone who follows our blogs and befriended us on facebook and a big thank you  for those who have purchased from our stores.

Now we are moving onward to preparing for festivals.  I just sent in our registration for a neighboring town's festival.  If all goes well we will be at the Hagerstown Jubilee Days.  We are looking forward to taking our handmade creations there.  It will be great fun to get out and meet new people.  I have been working very hard on some new fall creations.  I hope if you are in the Hagerstown, Indiana area on August 19th or 20th you will look us up and say hello.

For all our friends getting ready for festivals in their area we wish you well.  Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I understand peoples lives are busy but I have been sad at how few people have been willing to hunt for the Christmas present that Creative Kitty Crochet and I have been hiding.  We hid Christmas presents in either our blogs or our on line stores.  Then asked people to tell us where they found them to be entered in a chance to win.  Here is the full information.
Oh well we tried to bring some fun and prizes into your lives.  We are continuing this through Saturday.  Thank you to those who played and we hope you enjoy your gifts.
I have been working very hard on new fall items and I am looking forward to starting my Christmas items.  The big decision is where else to go with these creations.  My experience at my local fourth of July festival was so encouraging I am looking at doing more festivals.  Decisions.... decisions...
I did have a very frustrating experience the other day concerning one of our local craft shows.  This show is normally held in our jr. high school building around late fall.  I called early because I wanted a spot.  I was told that I would not be accepted because they already had too many jewelry vendors.  What happen to competition??  Very frustrating to have lived in a community the biggest part of your life and be shut out!  So if you go to the Liberty, Indiana craft show at the school this year please tell them you are disappointed that Harmoniously Tangled was not allowed a spot in the show.
Buttons continue to be a big inspiration for me.  I love working with button because the possibilities seem endless.  Many of my fall creations have buttons in different forms.  The best part is they do not have to be specialty buttons.  Now that I have my motivation going I guess I need to jump off here and get busy!  Have a great day.  May you be showered in blessings.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Almost Ready

My sister is spending the day with me.  We are getting all the details done for the Christmas in July giveaway.  Boxes are being filled and wrapped.  Presents are being hid for you to find.  Going to be lots of fun.  Make sure you follow both Creative Kitty Crochet Blog and mine.

Head over to now to read the rules.

The fun starts July 11th.  Head to my facebook page and make sure you hit the like button so you will see my post of "MERRY CHRISTMAS".  That will signal the start of the fun!

You also need to like Creative Kitty Crochet's facebook page because she will be the one posting MERRY Christmas on certain days also.  This will signal that a present has been hid and you need to find it to enter.!/CreativeKittyCrochet

Make sure to join us for this week of Fun!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are you ready???

I hope you all enjoyed your fourth of July weekend.  I certainly did.

I took my jewelry creations out into the public for the first time.  I set up a booth at our festival.  The festival for our little town is always a big event every year.  I enjoyed seeing people I had not seen in a very long time and I enjoyed meeting other vendors.  It was a wonderful experience and my sales were good for a first outing.

It was great fun watching the reaction to my Attitude creations.  You can jump over to my store and see what I am talking about by clicking on the Storenvy button next to Harmoniously Tangled.  I had wonderful comments on my creativity.  I had one person tell me, "Your work is so refreshing.  I am tired of seeing all the cookie cutter booths that have the same old jewelry."  That really made my day.

Creative Kitty Crochet and Harmoniously Tangled are finalizing plans this week for our Christmas in July Giveaway.  If there is a certain item from my store that you would love to see in the giveaway let me know and I may consider that for one of the boxes.

Creative Kitty Crochet and Harmoniously Tangled are also teaming up in our stores that when you purchase certain items you will be given a free product from the other store.  Keep watching our stores and our facebook pages for information.

Been a fun weekend but time to get back to work!  Went shopping today and picked up my supplies to create things for fall and Christmas.  So excited about getting into the creative mode for these.  My store is a little low right now but new things coming very soon!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stay with Us!

As you know we (Creative Kitty Crochet & Harmoniously Tangled) are having a giveaway in July.  Lisa over at Creative Kitty Crochet has been thrown a curve ball.  One of their grand babies decided he could wait no longer.  He came into this world just a few moments ago.  Happy Birthday!  Hang in there Grandma Lisa only two more to go this year. haha
Yep if you have read Creative Kitty's blog you know she still has two more grandbabies on the way this year.  She is a busy lady with making the new grandbabies goodies and keeping up with orders.
Have no fear we will be getting together and getting everything together for you!  We appreciate our friends and fans.
Today I took Harmoniously Tangled out into the public at our local festival.  It went very well!!  Even in the 90 degree weather I met many wonderful people.  I had wonderful comments on my creativity and the sells were good.  I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Have a fun and safe weekend.  Please be careful out there.  We had a very bad accident almost in front of our house in which one car was engulfed in flames.  Please don't let this be you.  I want all of you here with me!