Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ever Changing & Growing

To stay in business you need to change and grow. You must also learn to keep those things that are working for you.  It is a constant balancing act.  The big test comes from unknown challenges like the one Harmoniously Tangled encountered when a storm wiped out my booth set up at a recent festival. (see the previous post Weathering Storms).  I am determined to come back from this set back.

To help get myself back on track I evaluated the things I wanted to keep.  The first thing that came to mind was MAGPIE GEMSTONES.  I met Szarka and several more wonderful people on a facebook group created as a service by Magpie Gemstones.  This group is very encouraging and informative.  In many groups you find competition and back biting.  That is not the case in this great group of people and I want to thank them for helping to lift me back up and keep me encouraged and inspired with their posts.  They helped to inspire me to create this piece which was done with pearls I purchased from Magpie Gemstones. (This piece was done prior to the storm.)

When I am struggling from creativity block or from a set back I can log into this group and find myself instantly inspired.  Szarka and the group are so giving with many free tutorials and advice.  One of the problems I faced was getting a company to sell to a small business like me.  MAGPIE GEMSTONES saw the need to help small business like mine and they have really stepped in to fill the need.  I am looking forward to doing more business with them in the future.

This necklace contains Yellow Jade beads I purchased from Magpie Gemstones.

When you face a set back it makes you realize that you need challenges to make you grow.  Without challenges and stretching ourselves in new directions we would simply remain the same.  I decided to push myself again to wrap a stone.  This one prove to be very special.  It survived the blown away booth and will remain special to me always.  I will be so excited when the new owner receives it.  I am looking forward to wrapping many more stones and seeing how my skills can grow.

I have also tried my hand at crocheting wire to create pieces like this.  It is so exciting to learn new things.  Learning brings forth HOPE.
Changing and growing can be scary and hard but these steps are necessary to reach new heights.  Sometimes they come from the will to grow.  Sometimes they come from challenges that force us to take new steps.  I am one of those that sometimes needs a shove.  Although I would not wish bad circumstances on anyone what I will wish is that you receive the nudge or guidance you need to spread your wings and continue your journey to the things that make you the happiest.

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