Storenvy & Facebook Application

If you have already tried loading the Storenvy application for Facebook and are having problems with it you will first need to remove the application so you can start fresh.  Make sure you are using your main Facebook name and not a page name.  There are two places you will need to do this.  
#1 On your Facebook go into Account and under Privacy
     On the bottom left Apps & Websites click Edit your settings
     Right hand side across from Apps you use click Edit Settings
     Find the Storenvy application and click the x.  A box will appear and ask if you want to remove the application and click the yes.

#2  Go to the Facebook Page you were trying to apply the application to.  Click Edit Page on the upper right corner.
       Under Settings on the left find Apps and click that.
       Find the Storenvy and click the x and remove.

At this time I would close out of the browser and reopen a new one.  Make sure you are NOT using Windows Internet Explorer for this next step.  I would suggest Google Chrome.  If you do not have it you can upload it for free.Google Chrome

With your fresh browser go to Storenvy on the top right you will see the sign that says Storenvy Store Tab for facebook application for store owners.  Click that.

You should now be on Storenvy facebook page.  Make sure you LIKE the page.  Then click the blue Go to App button and reinstall the application.

Hope this helps you. 

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