Shopping Mall

While networking Harmoniously Tangled I have come across these wonderfully creative people and unique shopping experiences.  I wanted to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy visiting them and please let them know you found them through this blog. *These are facebook pages so you will need a facebook account to view these.  Keep checking back.  I will be adding more.


The Painted Lady's Place This amazingly talented lady offers original paintings, prints, magnets and cards.

Mermaids Dreaming by Vanessa Witschi These are beautiful creations.

The Fantasy Art of Liz Amend These faeries are a must see.

Frogjunkiee's Creative Creations Digital and crafty creations.  I have personally worked with them and they are fantastic.  They help me create my logo.  They made it a fun and easy process.

Fractacular Designs Digital art created using mathematical equations.

Creative Kitty Crochet Offers adorable hand crocheted items.  As you know from my blog this is my sister.  You can also find her store link on the main page of this blog.

Diane's Designs Crocheted hats, scarves & other goodies.

The Two Sisters Crochet Fun crochet items and fun ladies to have the pleasure to know.

Gniffer's Gnomes These adorable little creations will make you smile.  I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of my own little gnome.  I will post a picture when she arrives.

Dandelion Ivy  Things of a shiny nature.  Dandelion Ivy has been talked about in my blog for their fascinating spider creations.

Earth N Alloy Beautiful jewelry with a real earthy feel.

Beachwrite This is a special type of photography.  They write a name or special message in the sand and photograph it.  This is a beautiful tribute or memory of someone.

JM Oliver Photography  Sweet wonderful people I wish I was closer too so I could use their services.

CAT Hammer Photography I enjoy seeing their work.  They do a great job capturing personality.

~Scrappily Ever After~  Scrapbooking extraordinaire

Doodlebug Gifts Offering gift baskets, diaper cupcakes, and other fun party and gift ideas.

Dragonfly Landing "That Dragonfly Stuff" all natural soothing balm I am also a certified aromatherapist so I love to see products that promote all natural healing.  Great place to soothe the soul.

Sock Monkeys  Who doesn't love a sock monkey?

More Bali Gift n Homewares Metal art, sun & dream catchers and more.