Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Life continues to tangle.  The last few weeks have brought major changes into my life.  In the past three weeks my mother has had two right side strokes.  The first was minor and left her with numbness.  The second which was only a week ago was terrifying.  She was taken unresponsive to the hospital by ambulance.  My sister and I stayed with her that night and sent my Dad home because we figured recovery was going to be a very long haul.  Late that evening the nurses came in and gave her water.  The first victory.  She was able to drink.  A little while later my Mom was trying to communicate she was hungry at first she could only get out the word "bowl".  When I asked what she wanted to do with the bowl, she replied "eat".  That seem to open the flood gates and by morning she was able to talk fairly well.  By that after noon she was up and walking again with assistance.
Mom has progressed amazingly and will be coming home today.  I asked her what she could remember and how much of what went on the first day did she understand.  She told me she knew Dad was talking to her and what he was saying as he called the ambulance.  She remembered the ambulance ride.   She even remembered reading the EMT's name tag.  She was aware of what was going on but she just could not make her body move or talk.  How scary would that be??  Many in my family have had strokes and I often wondered how aware they were of what was going on during those times.  My Mom is the first one I have actually gotten to talk to about it.  Often people think just because stroke victims can't talk or move that they lose their ability to think.  Obviously this is not always true.  What I am trying to get across here is if you have loved ones or know of someone with a stroke please treat them with love and respect.  Just because they are unable to get their body to cooperate does not mean they cannot think or understand.

On to other news.  Sometimes life twist back on it's self and you find yourself back where you came from.  I am excited to have a chance to work at this wonderful hospital even though I did not ever see myself going back into the operating rooms.  I am a family comes first person.  My family needs this financial boost so I am doing what is needed by using my surgical skills again but have no fear I will not be giving up my jewelry.  I will find a way to make all this work!

Speaking of making it work,  I will now tell you about the title of this post.  THUNDER IN THE PARK.  On September 1 & 2, labor day weekend,  I will be at Roberts park in Connersville, Indiana.  You can find me with all my handmade goodies in the pavilion.  Would love to see you there.  It starts at 9 am.  I was asked to participate in a special basket the coordinators are assembling for their guest announcer.  What a privilege to create a piece for Betsy Ross.  She is a pioneer in her field of sports reporting.  Here is the necklace I designed for her.
As life continues to tangle sometimes harmoniously and sometimes not so harmoniously I will find a way to turn my face to the sun and keep going.  Thank you for coming along for the ride.  I hope some day in this winding path that we get to meet.  Happy creating to all of you.

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