Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trouble with computers.

I am not good with computers.  It is like we speak a totally different language.  I will tell it to do something and it just sits there or even better it will do something totally crazy and mess up everything I have done to that point.  To make things even more fun I seem to have a knack for finding glitches.  I am lucky that I have a couple of people to go to.  My husband who is an IT person and my sister (Creative Kitty Crochet) who also has a blog and runs an on line store at Storenvy.
 Recently I tried placing the Storenvy button on my Facebook page.  The application looked like it took.  I was excited until........ I clicked on the button and I see my business name with the products from my sisters store  Three different people combed through the information and we could not find anything anywhere that should have linked Harmoniously Tangled and Creative Kitty.  Sent emails to Storenvy and Facebook.  Storenvy did keep in contact with me until the issue was resolved but I only received one message from Facebook asking for a screen shot.  Sent the screen shot and heard nothing more from them.
I have talked to other Storenvy users who have had issues with the application.  My answer came late one night or should I say very early one morning when I was sitting there still stewing over the whole process.  I am an old school person and still use Windows Internet Explorer for most of things I do on the internet.  Except on my Storenvy.  I cannot work with my Storenvy on Windows because I cannot see the design bars that makes things so much easier.  Until that point I had tried loading the application using Windows.  I decided to totally remove the application and try loading with Google Chrome.  It worked!!!!  I will add here that my sister had tried using Chrome to load the application for my store too but it didn't work when she tried.
If you are a Storenvy user and you have had issues with the Facebook application check out the Storenvy & Facebook Application tab at the top of this page to see the steps I went through that corrected my issue.  Hopefully it will work for you also.

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