Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swinging is harder than I thought

My last post I talked about how I was going to get into the swing of having a blog.  Did you notice the date??  Well like my name of Harmoniously Tangled trying to make all the twists and turns sometimes throws our swing off.  But my dear sister has now come up with something to push me into this a little more.  She says our business should have a combined giveaway.  Yes Creative Kitty Crochet (her store link is on this page, she also has a blog on blog spot) and Harmoniously Tangled will be doing a Christmas in July giveaway.  Keep your eye on our blogs for information!
I have been very busy.  Many new things in my store.  I have now posted my new liquid embroidery items.  There are new necklaces and bracelets.  Just lots of fun.  Head on over and check those out.
I am now pushing myself to learning more and getting my jewelry before more people.  I will be doing my first festival on July 4th weekend.  If you are in the Liberty, Indiana area at that time head on up to the court house lawn and look me up.  I would love to meet you.
Here is one of my new liquid embroidery items.  A Mail Bag!  With so many receiving letters from people in the military I wanted to give everyone a nice place to store those treasures.

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