Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting into the Swing

Time to get into the Swing of having a business and a blog.  Yes it is time to turn the switch and get things rolling.  Harmoniously Tangled is moving forward and branching out a bit.  Coming new to my store is liquid embroidery items.  I will be offering baby blankets that can be personalized with the babies name and if you want the birth date.
There will also be another surprise item posted today.  A special keepsake item.  So make sure you keep checking back today. 
As I am getting these things started it will be a gentle swing at first to add them.  I want to give you a sneak peak at an liquid embroidery item that I did little over 20 years ago.  My nephew liked dinosaurs but back then you could not find special items like that.  So this aunt set out and made a very special gift.  A hand painted blanket.  After a trip to the library where I searched for pictures of the dinosaurs I then returned home and hand drew and painted the blanket in this picture.  The paints do not wash out or bleed.  Tri-chem is the best liquid embroidery paint I have every used.  I have just purchased another set and I am excited to get back into this hobby once again.
It may take years but do not give up on things you have enjoyed in the past.  You never know when they may come around again.

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