Friday, July 8, 2011

Almost Ready

My sister is spending the day with me.  We are getting all the details done for the Christmas in July giveaway.  Boxes are being filled and wrapped.  Presents are being hid for you to find.  Going to be lots of fun.  Make sure you follow both Creative Kitty Crochet Blog and mine.

Head over to now to read the rules.

The fun starts July 11th.  Head to my facebook page and make sure you hit the like button so you will see my post of "MERRY CHRISTMAS".  That will signal the start of the fun!

You also need to like Creative Kitty Crochet's facebook page because she will be the one posting MERRY Christmas on certain days also.  This will signal that a present has been hid and you need to find it to enter.!/CreativeKittyCrochet

Make sure to join us for this week of Fun!

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