Thursday, July 14, 2011


I understand peoples lives are busy but I have been sad at how few people have been willing to hunt for the Christmas present that Creative Kitty Crochet and I have been hiding.  We hid Christmas presents in either our blogs or our on line stores.  Then asked people to tell us where they found them to be entered in a chance to win.  Here is the full information.
Oh well we tried to bring some fun and prizes into your lives.  We are continuing this through Saturday.  Thank you to those who played and we hope you enjoy your gifts.
I have been working very hard on new fall items and I am looking forward to starting my Christmas items.  The big decision is where else to go with these creations.  My experience at my local fourth of July festival was so encouraging I am looking at doing more festivals.  Decisions.... decisions...
I did have a very frustrating experience the other day concerning one of our local craft shows.  This show is normally held in our jr. high school building around late fall.  I called early because I wanted a spot.  I was told that I would not be accepted because they already had too many jewelry vendors.  What happen to competition??  Very frustrating to have lived in a community the biggest part of your life and be shut out!  So if you go to the Liberty, Indiana craft show at the school this year please tell them you are disappointed that Harmoniously Tangled was not allowed a spot in the show.
Buttons continue to be a big inspiration for me.  I love working with button because the possibilities seem endless.  Many of my fall creations have buttons in different forms.  The best part is they do not have to be specialty buttons.  Now that I have my motivation going I guess I need to jump off here and get busy!  Have a great day.  May you be showered in blessings.


  1. Tis ok sis. We did our best and I think we put together some pretty awesome items. We have definitely learned a thing or two along the way so it wasn't a total waste of time. On to the craft shows!!!

  2. Oh....You both are great. Use this opportunity of sadness, frustration to embodied and empower your creativity and energy. The sissy's are great and awesome...don't forget that!!!! AWESOME!! You have brought nothing but joy and friendship into my little life. I for one really appreciate that for I have been shut-out of alot things in my life. So I say...THANK YOU!!! Thank You for your business, your sisterhood, creativity and sharing that with the world. Keep on creating and can't wait to see what ya coming up with next. The world needs ya!!!! Blessings and Love to ya'll. ;O)


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