Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are you ready???

I hope you all enjoyed your fourth of July weekend.  I certainly did.

I took my jewelry creations out into the public for the first time.  I set up a booth at our festival.  The festival for our little town is always a big event every year.  I enjoyed seeing people I had not seen in a very long time and I enjoyed meeting other vendors.  It was a wonderful experience and my sales were good for a first outing.

It was great fun watching the reaction to my Attitude creations.  You can jump over to my store and see what I am talking about by clicking on the Storenvy button next to Harmoniously Tangled.  I had wonderful comments on my creativity.  I had one person tell me, "Your work is so refreshing.  I am tired of seeing all the cookie cutter booths that have the same old jewelry."  That really made my day.

Creative Kitty Crochet and Harmoniously Tangled are finalizing plans this week for our Christmas in July Giveaway.  If there is a certain item from my store that you would love to see in the giveaway let me know and I may consider that for one of the boxes.

Creative Kitty Crochet and Harmoniously Tangled are also teaming up in our stores that when you purchase certain items you will be given a free product from the other store.  Keep watching our stores and our facebook pages for information.

Been a fun weekend but time to get back to work!  Went shopping today and picked up my supplies to create things for fall and Christmas.  So excited about getting into the creative mode for these.  My store is a little low right now but new things coming very soon!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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