Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Season

Busy!  Busy!!  A normal week is busy enough for most of us with the daily activities of our lives.  As we head into this Holiday season I hope you all will take a moment and find peace and enjoy time with your loved ones and friends.

I am a Christian and celebrate the birth of Christ.  What every holiday you are entering may you be blessed.  

This year has brought me many blessings and I am trying to slow down and remember the good things.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the holiday madness.  There is a big difference in what this holiday should be and what the retailers want you to think this holiday is.  A couple of years ago I told my girls (who are grown) that I would love to have a handmade Christmas.  One where we would all make things for one another.  I thought it would be wonderful.  Back then there was more money and we could afford to get those gifts merchants told us we needed to have a happy Christmas.  We are by no means broke but we sure won't be shopping the way we were use to.  It saddens me that I cannot afford to spoil my kids and grandsons the way we have in the past but it saddens me more how I have bought into the whole concept that the merchants have fed us about Christmas..  There will be gifts, toys and food.  The best presents won't be bought.  It will be the family I have around me and the laughter and hugs.  

I am grateful for the many full Christmases we have had and I am grateful that God has given me the talents to to create the many gifts I will be giving this year.  The blessing I am getting is that God is giving me the lesson I had asked for .  The lesson of what is most important about the Holidays and what should be important every day, family & friends.

God revealed to me this year a talent I did not know I had.  The ability to create jewelry pieces that others enjoy.  I have been blessed that this little talent bloomed into a small business that is growing.  I appreciate each person who has encouraged me and to the many who have purchased from me in my on line store and at the many craft fairs and festivals I have attended.

Thank you to each of you.  May you be blessed this Holiday Season.

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