Monday, April 11, 2011


The past few days have not been spent like I had planned.  Then again it seems I spend much of my life detouring from my original plans.  Friday I was up and ready to get started on my charms for the Attitude line for my Harmoniously Tangled store on Storenvy and then I received a phone call.  My daughter and son-in-law were ill.  As anyone with children know it is hard to rest and get better with children to care for.  Jewelry things can wait and I took my grandsons for the day.  Quick call to hubby to bring home happy meals and we were set for a day of movies, computer games and play.  They spent the night so grandma did not sleep much.  They were very good and slept well but I had forgotten what it was like to have little ones in the house and I heard every noise.  That made Saturday a nonproductive day for me as well.  Although hubby and I had dinner out and a movie as a sigh of relief that the government came through with a budget.  That is a huge thing for us since my husband is a government employee.
Sunday was more productive for the store.  The first of the Attitude charms were added and a new bracelet that I called "Flowers for you".  I am going to put the Attitude line on hold for a bit as I finish another bracelet and work on a set that I am going to call "Kaleidoscope."  I have many ideas and the creative aspect is still for me a great rush.  Speaking of rush, it is time to rush off here and get busy.  Have a great day and come back soon.

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