Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello and welcome.

Glad you stopped by.  First what is Harmoniously Tangled.  That is a big question.  It could encompass so many things.  Perhaps my life that has been full of joy and tangled with despair.  A life that was nurtured in a small town in south eastern Indiana where I grew up and ventured forth to states such as North Carolina, Tennessee and Arizona.  Ventures that brought forth a past abusive marriage to a divorce and forward to a man who I love and have been married to for more than twenty years.  Now weave in two beautiful daughters and two grandsons.  For a few more twists braid in the many careers such as surgical technologist for more than sixteen years, owning a dog grooming business for five years and becoming a certified aromatherapist.  That alone would certainly give credence to the title.  While I am happy to blog about any of these there is another purpose for this blog.

In 2009 I left my career in the health care field and shortly after found my self amongst the many Empty Nester's.  Which left me wondering.  What now?

I have recently come upon the answer to that question.  Harmoniously Tangled.  The name of my new adventure.  I am designing jewelry and selling it at Storenvy.  I love the freedom to create and I am finding a new identity as I  weave wires into  a unique piece of jewelry and create wonderful characters with wood burning.  I am developing a line that I called Attitude.  This line was inspired by the emoticons that we have all come to love.  I am creating charms with emotional little faces that will allow us to give people a forewarning to our mood of the day.  It is wonderful to have a new adventure that makes me want to get up and see where the day takes me.

I am grateful you have come along with me and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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