Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Busy.

Life is busy for everyone.  Seems just trying to keep up takes us in so many directions.  Try to remember to take time for yourself and the things you love,  what ever that may be.

I love to create.  Now my attention is on jewelry but I try to not limit my creativity to just one thing.  I also enjoy writing and picture taking, both allow a different type of freedom of expression.  For me when I give myself some freedom happiness seems to follow.

While creating new jewelry I focus on things that I have enjoyed in the past.  As a child I enjoyed kaleidoscopes.  If fascinated me how turning them slightly could bring a totally different picture.  I came across some beads that brought back that memory.  I created an earring and necklace set that reminded me of the carefree days of sitting with those wonderful toys and exploring.

Although I do not live close the ocean now there was I a time I did.  I enjoyed those days walking on the beach.  The days of exploring the sand and finding sea shells.  With that in mind I created two new bracelets, sea breeze and ocean waves.

To check out my new creations click on the Storenvy button on this page.  While your shopping also check out my sisters crocheting creations at CreativeKitty and my daughters knitting at Garters & Loops.

Take time for you!  Find something you enjoy to do and give yourself permission to enjoy it!  I hope maybe reading this blog is one of the things you enjoy.  I enjoy sharing with you.

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  1. I like your new button items. Those are really cute! Where's the bracelet?? lol


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