Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shopping, family and creating

Today was busy. I am blessed to still have my mother on this earth with me.  She is 69 and has suffered a heart attack, had by-pass surgery and is living with congestive heart failure.  I try to talk to her several times a week and take her out at least once a week.  Today are adventure was even better because we were joined by my oldest daughter.  The day out was a trip to Hobby Lobby nothing grand but the point of our trips are simply to spend time together.  It worked out fantastic because it gave me many more ideas for new projects for my jewelry.  Yes, I bought several things I had not went in there for but darn those beads just wouldn't stay on the shelf.
My oldest daughter said many of her friends told me to watch out because creating jewelry can become addictive.  I am finding out how true that is.  Funny part is I am finding creative ideas in places I never expected, like hardware stores.
I did manage to create a new bracelet which will be added to my Storenvy tomorrow.  I also finished two pairs of earrings and finished another step on the Attitude charms, which I am hoping to complete and have in the store tomorrow as well.
Whew!! Time for some down time. 

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